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A “Dress Like Your Teacher” Collage

Have a day where students get to dress like their teacher, and take lots of pictures! This makes an awesome collage page for your yearbook, allowing you to highlight both teachers and students in a fun and interesting way.

“Time Capsule” Page

A major factor in having a yearbook is preserving memories of a very important time in a student’s life. This goes beyond just school, however– as the years go by, they’ll be able to look back not just on their educational experience but also their life at that time. Dedicate a page to things like: a popular “fad” toy from that year, favorite cartoons, popular songs, or major events (try to avoid anything politically charged– keep it fun!).

Kindergarten Quotes

Have a page dedicated to unedited quotes from the youngest members of your school. The adage “kids say the darndest things” holds true– and you’ll find not only delightful and funny content for your yearbook comes from the mouths of babes, but there might be a few solid nuggets of wisdom in there too.

A Day In The Life Of A Student

Tell a story by following your students’ daily routine. This is a great way to showcase various activities across multiple classes. A section like this is also a wonderful source of nostalgia for when your students have long graduated; looking back on a summary of their daily life in school can be a lot of fun.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Have kids dress up as the job they want to grow up to have, or hold self-made signs displaying what they’d like to be. You can also have a poll page showing what the students in your school want to be across various professions.

Art Gallery

Have teachers collect drawings from students throughout the year. These could be from projects or just from free drawing time. Assemble them into a collage to show off the best work, along with the name and age of the artist.

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