Students photographed since 1991.

Who We Are:

Industry Leaders for Over 25 Years

We’ve been taking student portraits for almost 3 decades.

In that time, we’ve learned how to satisfy families with beautiful photography and deliver exceptional customer service. Millions of photographs later, we’re still going strong and are only getting better every year!

Environmental Stewards

In 2017 alone, we prevented over 240 pounds of paper waste!

We care about the planet we live on. Each year, we find more and more ways to reduce our paper consumption, from conservation to expanding our digital ordering process.

Community Partners

Schools are an integral part of our community, and we like to invest in them.

Sumner Photography provides much more than just great pictures. We provide all our schools with resources they need to run effectively, we donate to school PTAs, and we offer tools to help schools communicate with parents.

Safety & Security Experts

Keeping kids safe has always been incredibly important to us.

In 2017, we partnered with AcadeMap and IDcircle to offer schools and families ways to protect their children. Schools using AcadeMap have a built-in emergency broadcast tool to alert staff and parents if something happens on campus, and parents can create digital safety ID cards to easily share with authorities and their community if anyone goes missing.