Sumner VIP

Virtual Image Processing







In order to help your families stay safe and included, and until we can return to campus to provide professional portrait services, check out our interim tool to go…

How it works:


Upload your student and contact information (roster) into your secured portal.


An email and SMS will be sent to your contacts containing a unique link pointing them to a private form where they can upload a recent picture of their student.


When your contacts click the link, they will be taken to a private form where they can upload a recent picture of their student.

Extra Options:
The VIP will send temporary SIS images to the school no matter what. These processed pics will also be available for anyone that is missing from our rescheduled picture day for the sake of yearbooks.

On top of the school benefits, it’s possible for parents to receive a “digital download” of their processed image AND a digital IDcard.

Choose between:

Parent Optional Pay:
If this option is selected, then parents will have the opportunity to purchase their digitally enhanced portrait as well as a digital IDcard for just $10. As a bonus, they’ll also receive a $10 voucher for use with their professional portraits photographed later this year.

Parent Bulk Gift:
If this option is selected, then Sumner Photo will split the cost of services with the school or district or PTA so that parents receive their digitally enhanced portrait and digital IDcard. Total cost to the paying party will be just $5/student.

Let SumnerPhoto know your preference at setup.


Sumner Photo will process the image to make sure content is appropriate. Then we’ll adjust framing (crop) and ensure a consistent background.

You will receive a notification to download your SIS images and parents will receive their enhanced digital portrait and temp digitalID.

The SumnerVIP is part of our integrated Yearbook Platform and can be made available at NO COST to you or your school families. Ask us how!
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