For kids, Halloween night means finally getting to wear your new costume, getting a haul of candy with friends and touring the neighborhood’s spooky decorations. For adults, Halloween can sometimes bring a little anxiety about keeping kids safe.

Here are a few simple safety tips to put your mind at ease this Hallow’s Eve:

Keep kids safe this Halloween: get FREE Safety IDs!

Keep kids safe this Halloween:
get FREE Safety IDs!

Keep An Escort

Children should always be with an adult or responsible older sibling while out searching for treats. In the heat of candy-fueled excitement, kids can sometimes forget about basics like looking both ways before crossing the street, or run too far ahead. Having a grown up or big brother/sister on hand to help wrangle a rambunctious child or three will go a long way to keeping everyone safe.

Trick or Treat Earlier, Before Sundown

Time your trick-or-treating so that you’ll be back after sundown. Part of the fun of Halloween is going out at night, but this can make it more challenging to keep track of everyone. Instead of heading out in the dark, plan to do the bulk of your door-to-door work as the sun sets and be back home once it gets really dark. This way your kids can experience the atmosphere of Halloween at dusk without staying out too late.

Always Check Candy!

Make sure to communicate to your kids that the only candy they can eat is the candy they have to open.Before kids start digging into their candy hoard, sort through it to make sure nothing is unwrapped or broken. Kids often want to snack as they go; if so, do a quick peek at the top of the bag after each door to ensure they’re not grabbing anything unsafe.

Create Safety IDs

As peace of mind, create a form of identification in the event kids get lost. Share with others and/or print copies for your kids to carry. This should include their name, address and your name and phone number. Also take a picture of them in their outfit so if they do get separated from you, others in the neighborhood will know what costume to be looking for. These can also be updated for any other holiday or travel, not just Halloween.

Bring Glow-Sticks & Flashlights

Make sure kids can see where they’re going and each other (and you can see them) by handing out fun glow-sticks, glow-necklaces and flashlights.Don’t make it about safety, make it about adding to the spooky atmosphere! Having your group keep a matching set of flashlights or glow sticks will also help kids stay together.

Avoid Masks

Masks are certainly spooky, but the also have the side effect of making it hard to see. Use face-paint instead of masks to avoid obstructing vision. Or, if your child’s outfit absolutely requires a mask, make sure to tell them to pull it off their face while crossing the street or walking through unfamiliar territory. They can always slide it back on when they get to the neighbor’s door!

No Tripping – Wear Comfortable Shoes

Lawn decorations, costume dresses/capes, darkness and excited running all add to up to a big-time tripping hazard, plus nothing can ruin a fun night faster than uncomfortable shoes. Costume shoes are rarely designed for comfort.  Normal footwear (like sneakers) are ideal. If your child objects, remind them that they’ll be able to visit way more houses if their feet don’t hurt.