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In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, let us not forget those who need us most (especially around the holidays.)

As you prepare gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, please consider giving a donation gift to one of these charities. They are organizations with truly noble causes aimed at helping children in desperate need. If you have the means, be a community partner with us and help them out!

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The Food 4 Kids Backpack Program is run by the San Diego Food Bank. There are thousands of children in our community who depend on school lunches for daily meals, but go hungry on the weekends.

Every Friday afternoon, students enrolled in the Food 4 Kids program are called out of class, often to the school nurse’s office, and discreetly given a bag of food which is tucked into their backpacks.

Each bag contains enough food to see the students through the weekend, and the discreet distributions remove the stigma that might be attached to food neediness.

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Love146 rescues children from trafficking both in the US and abroad. Their survivor care and prevention education programs target at-risk or trafficked kids and changes lives. They offer a wide variety of ways to support them, from simply donating money to directly purchasing goods the kids in their care need.