What is Sumner Photography’s favorite part of working with children? Their smiles! When one of our photographers can make a child genuinely laugh or smile, we know we’ve done our job well.

For many children, walking to the camera for a photo can be intimidating, or even scary. Even if a teacher tries their best to prep their students for what to expect, kiddos can still arrive to the camera feeling shy and uncertain. But any well-trained photographer knows that their job is to make their subject(s) feel comfortable, cared for, and seen. Thankfully, Sumner Photography has a dream team that are experts at putting children at ease during their photos.

“A teacher of ours said that one of the photographers actually got one of our students who never smiles to smile. Thank you for always being great,” said Tonya, staff member at one of our San Diego County schools.

Each child has a unique personality and smile, and we enjoy nothing more than capturing those cheeky, silly, beautiful grins on camera!

To learn more about the programs we offer, and how we can become your favorite school photographer, please visit: https://sumnerphotography.net/schools/


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